AI for Modern Healthcare.

Our Platform

A suite of AI-powered applications built on a foundation of LLMs fine-tuned for clinical medicine

Patient Intake

Intelligent Scheduling and Triage

Our clinically intelligent AI chatbot streamlines healthcare access, combining smart triage with efficient scheduling to effectively manage patient flow, reduce wait times, and boost satisfaction, optimizing health system resources.

Clinical History

Optimized Clinical Histories

Our AI chatbot mirrors the expertise of specialists across medical fields, collecting expert clinical histories through deep, pre-visit dialogues. This preparation allows clinicians to enter every patient encounter with a comprehensive understanding of individual health stories, enhancing the quality and efficiency of consultations.

Note Automation

Precision Note Automation & Enhanced Care Insights

Our platform transforms comprehensive clinical histories into precise notes, then analyzes these to provide actionable insights, such as differential diagnoses and evidence-based care pathways. This ensures accurate documentation and supports clinicians in refining care plans, improving patient outcomes, and minimizing errors.


Care Plan Adherence

Our platform's chatbot-driven care plan adherence feature dynamically boosts patient engagement and outcomes, bridging gaps in care through regular, meaningful conversations. By monitoring adherence and swiftly intervening to realign with health objectives, it strengthens patient-provider connections, ensuring active adherence to care plans and driving improved health outcomes.

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Work With Us

As a physician-led company, we understand that healthcare isn't one-size-fits-all. Therefore, we empower health systems to harness the full potential of our platform through customization.

Clinical Reasoning

Clinical Reasoning

Customize our platform's clinical reasoning capabilities to align with your organization's medical protocols, policies, and workflows.

Clinically Intelligent Chatbot

Clinically Intelligent Chatbot

Customize our chatbot to become an extension of your clinical team, equipped to handle diverse patient interactions with a deep understanding of medical nuances specific to your specialties and patient care philosophies.

Clinical Analytics

Clinical Analytics

Adapt our platform's clinical analytics to deeply analyze and interpret the clinical context within notes, messages, and summaries, illuminating the subtleties of patient care and health trends.

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Built For Healthcare



Our algorithms are optimized to achieve unparalleled accuracy, exceeding the stringent standards demanded by healthcare professionals.



Our platform is engineered for ultimate privacy—fully self-hostable to ensure your data remains within your network, safeguarding information at every turn.



Our platform is fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring the highest level of data security and privacy.

Seamless EHR Integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates with EHRs, enhancing clinical operations and workflows directly within your current systems

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